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Q. Can I sponsor anyone from any country?

A. Yes, there are no restrictions, so share your website with as many people as you can around the world. In your members area you have a mass of foreign email swipes and banners already prepared for you to enable you to take reach out around the world.

Q. Why can we not join the official company now?

A. Our system will allow you to build a team BEFORE you take up the full opportunity. You can start to build a BIG team now, meaning when you take up the Network Marketing Opportunity you will start making money the same day as you join.

Q. Will you be helping and giving us tips on how to get the best from our World Prelaunch website?

A. Yes, we will work with you, offering daily tips & advice on building your team.

Q. How can I enjoy a huge income once I join the official Network Marketing Opportunity?

A. You need to personally sponsor as many people as you can via your World Prelaunch website. All you need to do is share this website with everyone you know, share your World Prelaunch website with the world, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, all the Social Media sites, Google ads, Facebook ads, Craig’s list, FREE advertising, use the banners in your back office.

Q. How will I know how and when to join the official Network Marketing Opportunity?

A. We will be emailing you via our Support & Training that we send out. You will only join during a World Prelaunch Launch Week, which is shown top right. This will help you make instant commissions and possibly help you move rank position all within one World Launch Week. All of your team will do the same.

Q. What happens if I am already a member of the official opportunity when you launch?

A. Unless you are part of our NEW team we are putting together with the official opportunity, we will be unable to pass on your personally sponsored World Prelaunch members to you. World Prelaunch has been put together to form a NEW worldwide team.

Q. How do I know how many of my team will join me in the official Network Marketing Opportunity?

A. Once you have officially joined the Network Marketing Opportunity, you and your up line will be working together to invite all your team to join you, with their teams, we will structure them to enable you to make commissions from day 1

Q. Will all the people that join through my World Prelaunch website be classed as my personally sponsored?

A. Correct, these will be YOUR people. You can see how many personally sponsored people you have via your back office.

Q. What about the people that join after me? Are they my people as well??

A. No, they are not your people… BUT they could still be part of your team and you will make money on everyone that joins after you. You can see the total number of members that have joined after you in your back office.

Q. Will you give me all my personally sponsored people?

A. Yes, when you officially join into the opportunity you will first secure your position, then you and your sponsor will be working together to build your team. We will supply you with your personally sponsored person’s name, email address and any other contact information so that you and your account manager can make contact with them

Q. How accurate is the Potential Income Calculations?

A. Very accurate, in fact we have only shown 15 of the incomes streams you will enjoy once you join the Official Network Marketing Opportunity. We have taken a mean average of the incomes streams and have underestimated your potential income.

Q. How long will I have to make up my mind to join the Official Opportunity on the launch day?

A. As your sponsor will have a lot of people to share the opportunity with, they will not be able to hold on for too long. If you want to hold your position then you need to move fast. Your sponsor will give you 48 hours to evaluate the Official Opportunity. After this period they will then offer this position to the next person. You can of course join at any time, but many would have joined before you, you want your people below you, not above you.

Q. What happens if I do not hear from my sponsor in Launch Day?

A. If you have not heard from your sponsor within the first 72hrs please email: and we will link you up with your sponsor. If they then fail to contact you, email us again and we will link you with a new sponsor.

Q. What happens if I don’t want to join the Official Network Marketing Opportunity?

A. It will be your choice, no pressure in anyway will be put on you, your sponsor will share with you the full opportunity. But if you can see your potential income and have built a team already with World Prelaunch, why would you NOT want to join.

Q. Why can you not tell me now who the Official Network Marketing Company is?

A. For a number of reasons. We know that many people will pre-judge and look at the opportunity before they have a team in place, for many this is a daunting task.

World Prelaunch is taking a completely different approach, we want you to look at the Official Network Opportunity with a team already to go, ready to join you. This way you make commissions from day one, not weeks or months after you have joined.

Q. How do I know how many of my team have joined the official Network Marketing Opportunity?

A. You will be able to see this in your official Network Marketing Opportunity back office.